Before and After Coquina Cleaning Service

Coquina cleaning service before and after pictures

What type of results should I expect with an exterior coquina cleaning service? The image gallery above will give you a good idea of how a coquina cleaning service could benefit from the removal of organic growth that appears to take over your exterior walls.The pictures show typical conditions of coquina homes that we have encountered. If you have owned or still own a home with a coquina shell exterior you know how soft and brittle this finish can be. One can simply wipe their bare hand across the finish and the decorative sea shells will flake off right before your eyes. I would say that over half the coquina homes we’ve cleaned had existing areas where the home owner or prior pressure washing company had significantly damaged or washed away a 1/2″ layer of the finished substrate.

Any garden hose with the nozzle set to the stream pattern has enough p.s.i. to damage the delicate finish. Based on real life hands on experience over the years we have found that Coquina should be chemically cleaned in the 30 to 50 p.s.i. range.

Here is a great read on the P.S.I. operating ranges of a standard garden hose nozzles. The information may seem a bit nerdy, but the point is that your garden hose has enough pressure to damage the substrate.