Spring cleaning

Exterior Spring Cleaning for Pollen Removal

For warmer states, that get few hard freezes, pollen season begins very early. Therefore, this early start leads to an early end. In Jacksonville, the majority of pollen finishes in late April which is right in the middle of spring. Spring is synonymous with refreshing, invigorating and awakening. That’s why we always hear the term “spring cleaning”. This is the best time of year to pressure wash your home. This can awaken its beauty that may have been dormant over the winter. Now is the time for spring cleaning which will wash off that pollen that can wreak havoc on allergies.

It is important to hire a professional pressure cleaning company which can help with a home’s exterior. Pollen can cover and stick to the exterior of a home and continue to plague homeowners after the pollen season has ended. Pollen easily tracks into the home and finds new places to dwell like on the sofa or rug.  Pressure washing a home’s exterior does more than improve the aesthetics it can help minimize the pollen that has plagued Jacksonville all season. This pressure washing of the home exterior will also help with the longevity of your substrate.

This may seem like an easy task to do with a garden hose, a professional knows just the right amount of pressure and cleaner to use. A professional pressure washer understands the substrates of different homes and understands what pressure and how much chemical is needed. A professional can have a home cleaned in just a few hours. Save your weekends and energy and let a Jacksonville pressure washing company take care of your exterior spring cleaning.

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