Low-Pressure Roof Cleaning Explained (Softwashing)

Why Softwash Your Roof

Your roof serves a very valuable purpose – It provides your family and/or tenants protection from the elements of sun and rain. It also contributes greatly to your curb appeal.There are many roof types in Florida included asphalt shingle, clay tile, cement tile, metal roofing, concrete tile,TPO, the list goes on. No matter which roof system you have the constant exposure of dirt, dust, grime and organics provide a nutrient base for the growth of mildew and mold.The streaks that are staining your roof are a bacteria called Gleocapsa Magma. This is the main culprit for most of the roof staining throughout our state. These contaminants can destroy your roof leaving your roof riddled with these impurities which can have disastrous results for your roof and your wallet. Over time, the integrity of your roof will be compromised if you leave it dirty and stained. After neglecting these impurities for a stretch of time, moss and lichens will appear. These biological invaders are feeding on your roof and if improperly maintained will shorten its life span by several years if not by half. That means you could potentially completely replace your roof earlier than anticipated. These algae, molds, mildews, bacterias, lichens and mosses directly decompose and break down roofing materials. Hiring a professional Softwashing company like The Pressure Kru, Inc. to handle your roof cleaning now could ultimately save you more money in the future.

Insurance Coverage Loss

Your home or business is more than likely the most expensive item that you own.Your insurance is there to protect you and your assets in the event of a disaster. However, there are several insurance companies who will discontinue your entire insurance policy simply because your roof has not been properly maintained. Cleaning your roof could save you a lot of time and stress in the future. When it comes to a newly installed roof, most of them are covered under a roofing warranty. This is great to have in case of an accident or improper installation. Unfortunately, it does nothing to help you keep your roof clean. Most roofing warranties come with strict guidelines that must be followed to ensure your warranty isn’t voided. In the event that a power washing system is used on a roof top, most roofing companies will null your warranty due to damage done by the high powered pressure washer. It is crucial to hire a qualified roof cleaning company to make sure that your roof is properly cleaned without the risk of losing your warranty.

The Power of Softwashing 

In the professional roofing industry, it is a well known fact that soft washing is the best solution for cleaning a roof top. Softwashing is a unique form of cleaning since it does not involve using a high pressured power washer. Soft washing is the act of using a bio-degradable, eco-friendly solution to clean your roof top and your home’s exterior. This solution sinks into the cracks and pores of your roof and destroys the mold and mildew at the core without damaging your roof system. The low pressure chemical soft washing application process ensures the safety and longevity, not to mention it keeps your home or business curb appeal looking its best.