What are those tiny black dots all over my house and fence?

Artillery Fungus

Pressure washing WILL NOT REMOVE most instances of artillery fungus. In rare instances I have been able to get them off of the exterior of a house, but once they have had time to bake in the sun they will not come off with chemicals or even high pressure spray tips, yet they can easily be scraped off with your fingernail?

Artillery fungus typically grows in mulch beds. Most often mulch beds are right up against your homes exterior so these black spores end up all over your home. At a distance of 5 feet or more you really cannot see them, but up close they appear as tiny black dots or specs. This fungus directs their spores at light colored paints and really loves white vinyl.

If you see artillery fungus in your mulch beds have your lawn fertilizing company get rid of them ASAP!

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