Brick Paver Face-Mix Wear

Most every home owner with a paver driveway at one time or another researches “Paver Sealing” on the internet. Just about every paver sealing article suggests or recommends to have your pavers sealed to protect them. Once people find out the costs associated with paver sealing most of us decide “that item can wait”. The pictures below will show you what your pavers will look like if you decide to wait. Brand New paver driveways, sidewalk, and patios will start to show signs of surface erosion in less than 3 years.

Find out more about our paver sealing services here.

Fill out an estimate request form for paver sealing here. Estimate are FREE. If you don’t like our price quote no worries. Paver sealing can get expensive really fast if your have alot of pavers. Even if you dont want to pay us you really need to pay somebody to seal your pavers asap.

Broke and don’t want to pay for the labor services associated with paver sealing. I do not recommend DIY paver sealing but if your are an instruction manual and assembly manual reader like I am you can find out all about DIY paver sealing here.

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