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Stucco Cleaning

Stucco House Wash Before and After

Stucco’s textured finish invites dirt, debris, and grime to easily settle into it’s pores. The most common stains on exterior stucco are dirt, mildew, mold and algae. In order to prevent damage Stucco cannot be sprayed with high pressure so care must be taken during the cleaning to prevent wand marks or “brush strokes”  from occurring. These stains can be effectively removed by spraying liquid chemicals at a safe low-pressure. Once the mold starts it rapidly spreads and eventually will cover your entire Home! Mold growing on your walls, soffits, and gutters has the ability to spread to all elevations of your house within a few months


  • Most homes clean up like new with one chemical coat application
  • Our low-pressure softwash chemical solution will clean your stucco 100 times better than using plain water alone.
  • Increases Curb Appeal without Repainting

Vinyl-Siding Cleaning

Vinyl Siding House Wash Before and After

Although economical while still maintaining visual appeal vinyl siding mold growth is more accelerated due to its design. Often times a single strip of siding will run horizontally the entire length across an elevation. The cost savings design eliminates the requirements for control joints/reveals/or visual breaks making it much easier for the mold to travel faster since there are no obstructions along its path. Morning dew and rain generated by mother nature simply carry the mold down the face of your siding panels and before you know it the whole house is covered in mold.


  • Easiest substrate to clean
  • Fastest substrate to clean
  • Cheapest to clean!

Coquina Cleaning

Coquina House Wash Before and After

Common coquina is a very soft exterior finish that has been used in construction for over 400 years. In addition coquina can be very appealing, but it shows dirt and mold from a mile away. This stuff is extra brittle and can be damaged by simply spraying it with your garden hose. Due to its nature coquina is very pourous and the mold grows very deep into its finish. This type of exterior finish requires utilization of diaphragm pumps to carry stronger chemical concentrates in order to adequately clean them. Always remember to ask your professional pressure washing contractor if they have cleaned coquina before and do not hesitate to ask them to send you some before and after pics of jobs they have cleaned in the past.


  • Low Pressure Only
  • More diffucult to clean
  • Do not attempt yourself
We also clean exterior finishes

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